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The Company

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Trimigno's Boat

by Francesco Paolo Trimigno

Since 1993 the company has
been involved in passengers
transport activity with the aim of
visiting the coast and the sea
caves of Vieste.
The owner of the company and
the owner of the motorboat is Mr.
Lorenzo Trimigno, who has been
practicing this profession for
many years with the
collaboration of his brother,
Francesco Paolo Trimigno.
The passion for the sea and
boats was both handed down by
the father of the two brothers Mr.
Francesco Sante Trimigno, to
whom all of us attribute the merit
of the marine caves’ discovery of
Vieste in the 1950s.
With the cultural and landscaping
appreciation of the founder of the
Eni multinational company,
Enrico Mattei, to whom was
dedicated the homonym seafront
in Vieste, the marine caves
became very important so to
start a business.
At the beginning of that business,
Trimigno’s company owned small
boats, which were then replaced
by other bigger ones.
The “Francesco I” motorboat has
been named for the firstborn of
Mr. Lorenzo.

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Paloma's Boat

by Michele Tello

The leader of the company and
the shipowner of the motorboat
is Mr. Michele Tello who has been
working in that field for 42 years.
He chose to dedicate his life to
the sea to follow his passion for
boats, he also handed over this
interest to his sons and
When he started his activity,
small fishing boats were used for
excursions, which had low
capacity and engines that
reached limited speeds.
The company, at its beginnings,
owned a boat of this type called
“Edera”, which was then
replaced by the current boat.
The name given to the “Paloma”
motorbike literally means
“colombe”, but figuratively refers
to the concept of freedom and
serenity that only the sea can
give to man.

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Blue's Boat

by Antonio Dimaso

The owner of the company is Mr.
Antonio Dimaso who has been in
the profession for 30 years.

He has undertaken this work to
follow his passion for the sea,
handed down by his father from
his childhood, Giovanni Dimaso,
known to everyone by his great
love for his land and boats.
Firstly, small fishing boats were
used for visiting, which had low
capacity and engines that
reached very limited speeds.
In the first years of activity, the
company owned many such
boats, including “Invidia”,
“Spalviero” and “Squalo”, all of
which are blue.
From here the affable
denomination “Blue Motobarche”
attributed to the company. The
“Valentina” motorbike was so
called because it was dedicated
to the firstborn of Mr. Antonio,
who shares with her his own
passion for the maritime

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From the collaboration of several top companies in the sector, Vieste is born in a boat.
The tourism promotion project is taken care of in details by those who have always offered tours and excursions to visit the most beautiful and hidden places of the Gulf Coast and spread the culture.
Find out who we are booking a boat tour from Vieste exploring the Gargano.

Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success.

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