Useful information boat tours from vieste to the gargano

What to know before Vieste boat trip.

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Full Rate: € 25.00 – Reduced Rate: € 15.00

For groups that exceed 25 people, a special discount is required in accordance with the ticket

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Tour Duration

Tour takes about 3 hours.

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Starting from the port of Vieste with the minimum number of participants communicated by the host.

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Itinerary and stops

Following, there are the indicative travel times and the stages:
00:00 – Boarding and Departure
00:10 – Vieste Lighthouse
00:15 – Pizzomunno
00:25 – San Felice Archipelago and Bell Cave
00:30 – Head of Gargano
00:40 – Baia di Campi, Grotta Sfondata e Grotta dei due occhi
00:55 – Grotto dei pomodori, Arco di Portogreco and Cala della Sanguinara
01:00 – Baia of Portogreco
01:05 – Pugnochiuso
01:20 – Cala della Pergola
01:25 – Grotta delle due stanze
01:30 – Grotta dei sogni
01:35 – Vignanotica o baia dei gabbiani
01:40 – Tavolozza del pittore
01:45 – Baia dei leoni
01:50 – Baia delle zagare or Vignanotica – Bath stop (about 30 minutes)
02:20 – Return
02:45 – Port of Vieste

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The return takes place in the port of Vieste in about 3 hours

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No Departure and Refund

If after booking the ticket, motorbike can’t leave due to bad weather conditions or causes not dependent on us, the customer may request that a fai value hike be carried out as soon as the weather conditions are better..
If, on the other hand, the customer can’t o r does not want to take advantage of the service later, he may request reimbursement of the entire ticket value.

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Pets are allowed on board as long as they are of acceptable size and equipped with appropriate
arrangements and provided that the owner is responsible for not causing any problems to other
Large animals or aggressive indole will need to have a muzzle

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For tariff purposes are considered
• infants, children aged 0 to 36 months;
• children, subject to reduced rates, guests aged between 3 and 10 years;
• adults, subject to full rate, passengers who have reached or exceeded 11 years.

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We accept payments by cash, credit and debit cards. Ticket purchase can be carried out at the ticket offices of the
Vieste in Barca and in agreed agencies.

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Behavioral norms

• At the time of boarding, form an orderly row to avoid falling on the bow of the boat;
• Exhibit the validation ticket;
• The company is not responsible for the loss of the ticket purchased;
• On board, a compliant behavior must be maintained according to the rules of good coexistence.
• Wear suitable clothing to hiking (hats to protect against sunlight and anti-slip shoes);
• Avoid wearing rings, bracelets, watches, chains, necklaces, or similar accessories as they may,
in addition to the possibility of being lost, pose a major personal risk if they are caught during
rescue operations;
• The on-board personnel are not responsible for any items that have been forgotten or left
• On-board personnel are not liable for any damage to audiovisual and mobile devices due to
contact with sea water;
• Smoking on board is prohibited;
• To protect the safety of the visitors themselves, it is forbidden to dive, lean, sit with feet out of
bed, or stretch out your hands outside the boat;
• During navigation, it is forbidden to pass through the boat corridor;
• During the break, observe the permitted time and avoid getting wet with wet feet to avoid
• Only place the waste inside the containers.

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Full Rate

  • Full tour
  • Duration about 180 minutes
  • Visit the Sea Caves!
  • Let’s Swim at Vignanotica !


each one

Reduced Rate

  • Full tour
  • Duration about 180 minutes
  • Visit the Sea Caves!
  • Let’s Swim at Vignanotica !


under 10 years

Getting to Vieste by Car

From the North: take the A14 motorway and exit at Poggio Imperiale. Take the Gargano Highway,
and continue to Vieste;
From Naples: Take the A16 NAPOLI-BARI motorway, exit at Candela, continue for Foggia and
follow the signs for Manfredonia, Mattinata, Vieste.
From the South: Take the A14 motorway, exit at Foggia and follow the signs for Vieste.

Pharmacies in the city

Del Porto

• Tel.0884705548
• Via Brindisi, 16

San Giuseppe

• Tel.0884708019
• Corso Fazzini 23

DI Lauro Russi

• Tel.0884708012
• Avenue May 24, 88

Saint Mary

• Tel.0884708844
• Via Santa Maria di Merino 48

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